our beginnings

In February 2004, 20-25 Pastors joined me to begin praying together for God to unite our hearts and spirits as one, as well as wait on Him for His timing in the things He had spoken.

In preparation for the large evangelism outreach that later took place at Eisenhower Park on Saturday, August 28, 2004, we began having “Ancillary Meetings” (Rallies) in each of the boroughs of New York. The first Ancillary Meeting convened June 4th in the Bronx, then Brooklyn, Nassau County and Queens.

Ancillary Meetings (Rallies) are times where all of the participating Pastors and their congregations unite together in “one place” for a strong time of praise/worship, prayer and preaching of the Word of God.

We welcome you and your church to:

  • Unite and fellowship with us at one of the upcoming Ancillary Meetings (Rallies) or Special Events;
  • Partner with us as we advance the Kingdom of God throughout New York and the Tri-State areas through “The New York Call”;

The NY Call mission is to take New York by storm with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

our visionary



Bless you child of God,

Revival is on the horizon! Just as it was with the children of Issachar, I believe that we can discern and know the time that we are in. I truly believe that we as the Shepherds and spiritual leaders can feel the shifting and know that revival has come to New York in a phenomenal way. It is time to take and harvest the land as the unified children of God.

I would like to align myself with you in a God-mandated endeavor to reach New York for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The goal is to reach out to the entire Long Island, Triboro region of New York, and the Westchester area. This venture is not to advance any sole Minister or ministry. This intent is for us ALL to unite as the Body of Christ. This vision of fellowship requires mature Ministers and ministries. This vision needs YOU! We, as Christian leaders, can show the world that we can unite for the cause of Christ that we all believe and have total faith in.

Our past NEW YORK CALL events have been an overwhelming success! At times over 17,000 people were in attendance at Eisenhower Park. This was due greatly to pastoral support and participation. We look forward this year to do much more, and we thank you for your involvement.

With the support of at least one hundred to two hundred local churches, the possibilities are endless. The only boundaries we will face, as children of God, are those we impose upon ourselves. Please prayerfully contribute your heart, your anointing, your input, your ministry and your congregation to this outreach endeavor as this venture will not be accomplished without the Brotherhood of ministry and the unity of the faith.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Donnie McClurkin

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